Reviewing 'Loss Prevention' seminar
12 October 2018
Our yearly seminar with topic ‘Loss Prevention’ was a success. Our own internal speakers, Peter van Rijn, Carl Dedecker and Walter Dekkers, respectively held a presentation regarding tanker shipments, securing road transport and the ISM code. Also we had the opportunity to have three external speakers, Mr. Leon Yen (Threatspan),  Mr. Marcel Kind (Simwave) and Mr. Jacob Damgaard (Britannia P&I) to hold a presentation.

Topics of the presentations of our external speakers were respectively Cyberrisk Prevention, Bridge Resource Management and Ship’s Loss Prevention from a P&I point of view.

We thank our external speakers for their input. Also thanks to the attendees for visiting our seminar.

Furthermore, during the networking drinks afterwards we could meet with the various stakeholders within the branch to share our thoughts and experiences.

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