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Seminar – Marine Surveyor at Work

5th October 2021, 13:30 – 18:30 hrs
Bovendonk, Hoeven, the Netherlands
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The marine industry is weathering the ongoing storm that’s called COVID-19. And so are marine surveyors. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the widest range of subjects is called upon all over the globe. And we’re happy to share this knowledge during this year’s seminar.

This year’s presentations cover a wide range of subjects, from the collapse of container stacks to fuel quality issues. Check out the complete programme below.

Update |

We have an increased number of seats available at the seminar in Bovendonk, The Netherlands, from the 50 seats that have now been filled.

Interactive webinar also available.

Due to the current COVID-19 developments, we have increased the number of seats for the seminar on location. We invite you to register for either the seminar on location OR the interactive webinar where you will be able to follow our in-depth subjects from your own device.

Places left for seminar

Subjects & keynote speakers

  • Surveyor’s Investigation of a Cargo Damage | Elbert Francke, Van Ameyde Marine
  • Importance of the Specialist  |  Suvi Niemivuo, Alandia
  • Bridge Management Review After an Incident | Almos Boldizsar, Van Ameyde Marine
  • Role Play Arbitration About a Fuel Quality Dispute | Cherry Almeida & Richard ‘t Zelfde, Caland Lawyers; Moderator Walter DekkersVan Ameyde Marine (Note: this session will interact with the audience)
  • JH143 Risk Assessment | Arnold WarmerdamHalyard Risk BV
  • Load-Out Assessment | Kaupo PüviVan Ameyde Krogius

There will be ample opportunity for questions, discussion and networking!

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