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Van Ameyde Krogius Car Inspector Celebrates 20 Years

Van Ameyde Krogius celebrate their 150th Anniversary this year. For the past 150 years, Krogius have acted on behalf of insurers, brokers, freight forwarders, shippers, and the marine industry at large. Part of Krogius’ services are Car Inspections and Claims...

Van Ameyde Krogius Celebrates 150 Years

Krogius is one of the oldest maritime transport companies in Finland. Lars Krogius left his civil service studies in 1850 to embark on a career at sea. As a young sailor his life was full of adventure and he eventually he became captain, got married and his first...

Statement on North and Standard Club Merger

The merger of North and Standard Club, NorthStandard, will create a new powerhouse in the world of P&I. I am fortunate to have worked with both clubs for over 40 years, and some of my closest friends in the P&I world are at these Clubs. In the case of North, I...

Repatriation of Ukrainian Seafarers

Following the recent events in Ukraine, P&I clubs are seeing increased requests from their members for guidance in connection with the repatriation of Ukrainian Seafarers particularly at the end of their Seafarers Employment Agreement (SEA). Additional to this and...