Surveys of any cargo type, from liquid and dry bulk to refrigerated and project cargo

Every type of cargo requires specific handling and expertise: from chemical analysis and engineering to full-blown project management. When it comes to damage to cargo, the causes are almost endless and can occur at so many stages of the transport chain.

Liquid cargoes, for example, require sampling at every stage. As to fruit, the question is: did the damage occur during transport or is it the result of something that occurred pre-shipment or post discharge? And imagine the challenges involved in loading, stowing and discharging steel products and project cargo. We have the in-depth knowledge of all types of cargoes and modes of transportation:

  • liquid and dry bulk cargo
  • breakbulk and project cargo
  • container and refrigerated cargo


Loss mitigation: standard practice

It’s not enough to determine the nature, extent and cause of the damage. Limiting damage is equally if not even more important. Which is why our dedicated surveyors take immediate action, ranging from blending and reconditioning to separating undamaged cargo. Suffice to say that general average as well as testing hatch covers or e.g. the water-tight integrity of water ballast tanks is all part of our service and expertise. Our 70+ expert surveyors are supported by some 40 trusted contractors – including laboratories and other testing and inspection facilities – securing the accuracy and precision you expect of us.

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