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Casualty Investigation

Independent and objective investigation of liability claims for the marine industry 

The impact of marine-related damage is often huge. So is the range of types of losses. Each incident claim requires highly technical expertise. Not just to investigate the cause and who may be responsible, but also to mitigate losses effectively.  

To secure their interests, marine industry players like ship owners, charterers, insurers and P&I Clubs, lawyers and government agencies need specialists in a wide range of areas of expertise. Such as collision, allision, grounding, salvage and wreck removal, pollution, fire, container loss and cargo damage. We also provide services in the area of

Personal injury and sickness management

Injuries and illnesses sustained by crew members or stevedores can have a huge impact on the victims, their colleagues and their families and friends. Van Ameyde Marine has dedicated personal injury investigators and medical cost managers who deal with such cases with integrity, empathy and respect.

We have fully manned offices in 14 countries. This means our survey coordinators and operations managers can arrange for experts to be on site during those initial critical hours of an incident.

From salvage to pollution control

We provide local knowledge and overcome language barriers. Local authorities are contacted, proper lines of communication are established, cargo is inspected, tracked and traced to ensure accurate reporting of potential losses. Furthermore, we monitor salvage operations and oversee oil-spill related clean-up operations.

“People claims”: crew, stowaway & security

Claims involving people are invariable difficult and sensitive. Our clients’ growing need for dedicated services in the areas of stowaway resolution, medical assistance, custodial and security services has resulted in us acquiring the “people claims” experts Robmarine. Today, Robmarine is fully integrated into the Van Ameyde Marine network. And these are Robmarine’s areas of expertise:

Stowaway resolution

Stowaways cause disruption, delay and can lead to difficulties in resolution, handling and removal. Our industry experts provide close quarters security guards when needed to travel on board, keeping the crew and the stowaways safe. Full administrative support is provided by way of governmental representation and safe repatriation of illegals. 


Custodial & security services

When it comes to on board custodial and security services, the safety of all concerned comes first. Rigorous and permanent training of officers is needed to deal with potential agitation and aggression.


Medical assistance

Medical cases on board means making medical decisions in the face of the often conflicting demands of the patient’s condition, geography, business, politics, religion, relatives and insurance. We provide a professional, timely and cost-effective consultancy service, assisting clients with this process. Services include first-aid training, repatriation and drug testing.


Emergency response

Robmarine’s network of offices guarantees an immediate emergency response service for its clients and their employees. In an emergency situation, we have the ability to efficiently manage the very real human element of a critical maritime incident.

Our service includes: early dispatch of appropriate experts to the scene, logistical evacuation of victims, families and other personnel involved, substantial local knowledge, access to a trusted network of qualified trauma counsellors and appropriate medical expertise.

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