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Our story is about the global marine industry. Not just about clients who move cargo around the world but operators and insurers who enable the transport of billions of tonnes of freight in millions of journeys. Our story is about helping to secure the success stories of all those involved, with fact-based services ranging from consultancy, surveying and loss prevention to loss mitigation and claims handling. 

Our story is about you, trusting us with securing your reputation, protecting your position and relying on our ability to act fast wherever and whenever you need it. 




“Skilled expertise

wherever and whenever you need it”

With over 70 marine surveyors and consultants worldwide, we are one of the largest single service providers for the marine industry. Find the right person for the right job and secure 24/7 emergency response.

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We believe in sharing our vast knowledge and expertise with our clients and colleagues all over the world. So why not get the latest news and insights from Van Ameyde Marine. 

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