Fuel and Liquid Cargo

From sampling and analysis to drawing up product specifications and bunkering procedures

Contamination of liquid cargoes – such as fuels and chemicals – can potentially lead to a substantial financial exposure. A thorough and detailed investigation is required. Taking samples from every stage in the transport chain is of paramount importance. As is testing by certified laboratories in strict accordance with the test methods laid down in contract specifications. And the needs of the market don’t stop there. Loss mitigation, e.g. by means of blending, reconditioning or selling through alternative trade routes is equally important.

What clients need is guidance by science, backed up by industry specific experience

  • through a global network of industry recognised experts in the area of fuels and liquid cargoes
  • providing the full range of surveying and consultancy services
  • in accordance with industry standards, government regulations and agreed specifications

Van Ameyde Marine’s global team of experts and trusted contractors assist clients with anything from sampling, analysis and fuel treatment to drawing up product specifications and bunkering procedures.

Guided by science, backed up by experience

Van Ameyde Marine’s Fuel and Liquid Cargo team enjoy a global reputation as being one of the leading team of experts in this field. Team members are tanker masters, chief engineers, chemists, and oil terminal operations managers. Each having a depth of knowledge and the level of expertise required to provide assistance in the most complex of cases.

Reports have been produced by registered arbiters for use in arbitrations and court cases and our surveyors and consultants have acted as expert witnesses to the industry’s biggest players.

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