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Lloyd’s Agent for Helsinki: 125th anniversary

Read time: 3 minutes

In the year 1893 Lars Krogius was still small company but it had succeeded in gaining a reputation abroad as well. The company’s appointment as a Lloyd´s Agent can be seen as a recognition of this reputation. A Lloyd’s Agent is appointed by the Lloyd’s Agency Department to supply local shipping information and casualty intelligence and to provide surveying and claim adjusting services to the global insurance industry and its customers. Lloyd’s Agents are appointed for their professionalism and expertise.

On 14 June 2018 we celebrated the 125th anniversary of Krogius being the Lloyd’s Agent for Helsinki.

We would like to thank Mr Cees Bansema, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, for inviting us to the beautiful Villa Kleineh for our seminar and celebration. Our valued quest speakers shared views and their specialism in our seminar making it very interesting event.

Anita Crane, representing the Lloyd’s Agency Department Technical Performance Team, shared the history of the global network of agents as well as views for the future. Lloyd’s Agents have acted as the eyes and ears of the market since 1811, being the stamp of approval. The future vision is to ensure that the network is accessible to the global insurance industry in every country where possible and to be renowned as the network of choice with the highest possible standards.

Amanda Björk, General Manager of WK Webster (International) Pte Ltd, presented fascinating views about smart logistics, new opportunities – now and in the future. For example cargo tracking devices with real time data gathering are providing better control over information, the possibility to rectify problems and earlier notification/warning allowing survey, loss mitigation or recovery of a stolen cargo. New technology is already beginning to change the way we work with loss prevention, loss minimizing, claims handling and subsequent recoveries.

Reetta Lajunen, Marine Broker and Corporate Counsel at Aon Finland Oy made very interesting presentation related to project cargo. Loss control in a project is a combination of proper project and risk management and good cooperation with partners. Insurance broker’s expertise can bring expectations of all parties together in an effective way.  Insurers are increasingly selective but good risks find takers. High focus on loss prevention feeds the need for specialist surveyors with broad industry knowledge and experience.

Walter Dekkers, Managing Director and Marine Surveyor of Van Ameyde Marine was telling to us about role of the P&I Surveyor. Surveyors need to be ready for immediate attention and attendance, and to be equipped with the relevant experience, education, specialism, skills and network. Walter was also promoting good cooperation between the parties, which is beneficial for mutual problem solving and mitigation of loss. He showed some very interesting examples of the role of P&I Surveyors in real cases.

Krogius staff member, Marine Surveyor Kaupo Püvi from Lars Krogius Baltic, presented his interesting experience as a Lloyd’s Agent and Marine Surveyor, ready to act 24/7 where needed.

We are very pleased with this milestone of our Helsinki Lloyd’s Agency appointment and are grateful for the support of the Agency Department and Network. We wish to thank all who attended our celebration and made our event so very memorable. After marking this occasion, it is a great pleasure to continue our cooperation and day to day business with a clear focus on the future.

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