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Marine consultancy

Independent and objective consultancy services for the marine industry

The range of issues faced by the marine industry is huge. From bunker quality issues, pollution and subsequent cleaning operations to liability claim costs, legal issues and risks that need to be assessed. The widely differing roles of ship owners, charterers, insurers, P&I Clubs and Correspondents, lawyers and government agencies mean that our clients are bound to be faced with gaps in their in-house expertise. To secure their interests, these parties need specialists who

  • are objective, independent, and always compliant with the latest marine regulations
  • have real technical expertise in all areas of marine consultancy
  • offer uniform service levels around the clock, wherever in the world you need us

Van Ameyde Marine’s global network of highly experienced marine consultants operates on behalf of the marine industry at large. Objectively and independently. Our 70+ marine surveyors are mariners, engineers, scientists and most of all: industry experts. Additional commercial and legal expertise is provided by our dedicated teams of marine claims handlers.

From expert witness to desk consult

Whether you ‘just’ need a second opinion or need the support of fully trained and experienced expert witnesses, Van Ameyde Marine has the ultimate solution for you. If you are in urgent need of expert advice on technical and nautical issues, we offer our ground-breaking Desk Consult. Desk Consult offers cost-effective and immediate response to your urgent questions. Whether you need us online, on site or in court, Van Ameyde Marine is there for you: whenever and wherever you need us!

Claims handling, outsourcing & worldwide survey coordination

Claims handling

Unusually complex claims, claims portfolios covering the globe requiring local expertise, high-frequency claims or temporary staff shortages: whatever your reason for needing claims handling assistance, you’ll need a partner that has the staff capacity, the legal and technical expertise, a uniform global IT platform, and the geographical presence. Van Ameyde Marine’s network offers all that and more.



Claims handling may take up a considerable part of your resources, even though it’s not necessarily your core business. There are multiple strategic reasons to decide to outsource claims handling on a more permanent basis. Ranging from ever increasing complexity in terms of legislation, high-volume claims for which you would have to dramatically increase your staff capacity or the effective management of run-off portfolios. Van Ameyde Marine’s global network offers customised solutions for all your outsourcing needs.


Worldwide survey coordination

Our global team of multi-lingual survey coordinators are available around the clock to mobilise immediate response all around the world. Van Ameyde Marine’s network of own offices covers all the major ports, from the Baltic and North Sea to the APAC region. In the extended APAC region, we have an established hand-picked network 20+ partner offices.

Follow the world’s leading players in the marine industry and benefit from Van Ameyde’s global survey coordination:

  • highly experienced technical consultants, surveyors and claims handlers
  • local partners embracing the exact same high quality standards
  • high quality reporting

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