Marine network strengthened
with McAusland Turner

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News & blog News Marine network strengthened with McAusland Turner

Marine network strengthened with McAusland Turner

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On Friday 12 April 2019, Van Ameyde completed the acquisition of McAusland Turner. It is Van Ameyde’s strategy to grow its loss adjusting & surveying business, including its regional UK business. The UK being the largest marine insurance market, expansion of our marine surveying network to the UK is vital. Through an expanded international marine surveying network we deliver a strong value proposition.

With our marine survey subsidiaries Arntz | van Helden, Krogius, and Van Ameyde Marine we already had a strong presence in North West Europe, including the Baltics and Russia. The recent acquisitions of Halyard Survey & Risk by Arntz | van Helden in The Netherlands and Sparks Surveyors NV by Van Ameyde Marine in Belgium endorse our ambition to expand this type business.

McAusland Turner complements Van Ameyde’s Property and Liability loss adjusting and TPA business in the UK, provided by Woodgate & Clark. The company will provide our Marine Surveying network meaningful presence throughout the UK. In terms of markets Van Ameyde and McAusland Turner are fully complementary and in terms of identity and quality, we found the perfect match in McAusland & Turner.

As a result of the takeover, McAusland Turner and its clients will benefit from our extensive marine surveying network and our access to the marine market on the Continent of Europe. In addition, Van Ameyde will support the company’s sustainable growth and provide IT support. The takeover – which has taken place by means of a share transfer – has no consequences in terms of staff and management. The company will continue to operate from its offices in Hull, Bristol, Grimsby, Ipswich and Newcastle. In addition, a new office in London City will be opened shortly.

Van Ameyde Marine | The Netherlands

Van Ameyde Marine | Belgium

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