Sparks Surveyors join
Van Ameyde Marine

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News & blog News Sparks Surveyors join Van Ameyde Marine

Sparks Surveyors join Van Ameyde Marine

Read time: 3 minutes

As from September 1st 2018, Sparks Surveyors is part of Van Ameyde Marine. Both survey companies have been active in Belgium for over 45 years, in which period they managed to build a strong reputation, with complementary market segments and disciplines.

With this merger, Van Ameyde Marine and Sparks Surveyors will be able to benefit from each other’s strengths and knowledge, also to the advantage of our Principals.

As to the daily operations it will be business as usual, meaning that the companies keep their own identities as separate business units, leaving our Principals the freedom of choice.

With Sparks Surveyors joining the group, the market position of Van Ameyde Marine is strengthened further, especially in the field of steel cargoes. Van Ameyde Marine will offer to Sparks Surveyors the opportunities and support to fully live up to their reputation in this field, respecting the ever-present spirit of Arthur Sparks.

Philippe Wartel remains in position as manager of Sparks Surveyors, and reports to Carl Dedecker, general manager of Van Ameyde Marine in Belgium.

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