Five brands,
one global network

Van Ameyde’s marine consultancy and surveying network embraces a family of five iconic brands. Krogius, McAuslands, Van Ameyde Marine, Seasia and MLC share reputations that our clients know they can trust.

As one, we provide our clients the services and expertise they need, wherever, whenever. Discover the brands that are premier service providers in the marine industry at large.

  • 1872 Lars Krogius Founded

    Over 150 years Lars Krogius has acted widely in the maritime and transport industry.

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  • 1888McAusland & Turner Founded

    McAuslands is the oldest Marine Surveying and Consulting firm in continuous operation in the Port of Hull.

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  • 1893Krogius Appointed Lloyd’s Agent Helsinki

    Krogius has been Lloyd’s Agent in Helsinki since 1893, celebrating 125th anniversary in 2018.

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  • 1916McAuslands Endorsed as official P&I Correspondents

    Letter undersigned by all of the London Group of P&I Clubs, who between them insures 95% of the world’s fleet.

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  • 1948Krogius endorsed as official P&I Correspondents

    Krogius is endorsed by several P&I Clubs and has served Clubs and their members in the continually evolving liability environment for decades.

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  • 1954Van Ameyde Expands Service Offering

    Henri van Ameyde expanded the service offering to meet the marine industry’s need for specialist surveying services.

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  • 1965Van Ameyde Marine Expansion

    Expansion of marine surveys to Belgium, opening offices in Antwerp and Zeebrugge.
  • 1969Further Expansion

    Incorporation of a separate company, then called Marine Survey Bureau H.A. van Ameyde.
  • 1996Foundation of Seasia

    Based in Singapore, supporting the transportation and marine insurance industry.

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  • 2002McAuslands Appointed Lloyd’s Agent

    Became Lloyd’s agent for the East Coast of England.

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  • 2009Krogius Motor Claims

    Krogius started a strategic partnership in the area of motor claims.
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  • 2015Van Ameyde Marine Acquires Krogius

    Mutually strengthening the marine surveying and motor claims management networks.
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  • 2018McAuslands Expansion

    Completed fourth acquisition and established presence in South Africa
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  • 2019Van Ameyde Marine Acquires McAuslands

    Offering clients a truly global representation through like-minded service providers, McAuslands joined Van Ameyde’s marine network.
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  • 2019Van Ameyde Acquires Seasia

    Expanding the service offering of Van Ameyde Marine to the Asian Pacific Region, being renamed as Van Ameyde Marine Asia in 2022.
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  • 2023Rebranding

    The four iconic marine brands come together as one brand, Van Ameyde Marine.
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