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Van Ameyde Krogius and Van Ameyde McAuslands are distinguished as Lloyd’s Agents. Collectively, they serve pivotal ports stretching from the UK's East Coast to Helsinki in Finland, encompassing the Copenhagen area in Denmark and the Republics of Estonia and Lithuania. While McAuslands has maintained its Lloyd's appointment since 2002, Krogius has been a steadfast Lloyd’s Agent in Helsinki from as early as 1893, marking its 125th year in 2018.

The Lloyd’s Agency network is dedicated to offering round-the-clock, year-long independent marine surveying and claims adjustment services to the worldwide insurance sector and its clientele. With over 250 Lloyd’s Agents and a similar count of Sub-Agents, this network proudly stands as the most expansive marine surveying and adjustment network globally.

The highest quality marine service providers

The Lloyd’s Agency network has a mandatory educational programme. In addition, Lloyd’s Agents are continuously audited. That tells you, our client, that the services that Krogius and McAuslands offer are of the highest standards.

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