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Our partners

Van Ameyde Marine has partnered up with some of the world’s most reputable companies in the marine risk industry.


Michael Robertson heads up the specialist department focusing exclusively on stowaway repatriation cases and obtaining associated travel documentation. The brand name “Robmarine” has an unrivalled reputation throughout the worldwide P&I industry for its specialist handling of “people claims” including crew, stowaways, illegal immigrants and related maritime security issues.

Robmarine has developed a network of representatives throughout Africa including Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa; it also has extensive relationships with other professional associations in many other African and Middle Eastern locations.

Working in parallel with a long established worldwide network of P&I correspondents, Robmarine can provide, via its commercial access to many embassies and consulates, international support and expertise where investigation and research is required to support applications for stowaway travel documentation and repatriation services.

Robmarine is the UK correspondent to a number of north European insurance facilities and is also a member of the European P&I Correspondents (EPIC).



Threatspan specialises in cybersecurity for the maritime industry. The company’s mission is to bring nautical resilience to all ecosystem players in the shipping and maritime supply chain. From ship to shore, Threatspan eables the industry to counter increasingly hostile digital threats with solutions developed specifically to mitigate maritime cyber risk.

Threatspan’s Tridens is the world’s first cybersecurity platform designed to help shipping and maritime enterprises achieve and maintain nautical resilience in an age of increasing cyber threats.

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