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People Claims Team Updates, COVID Testing & Stowaway Alert

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COVID Safe Crew Changes

We are pleased to announce that Van Ameyde McAuslands are now offering a national one stop service for COVID safe crew changes. We can offer Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests. Evidence shows that people who do not show signs or symptoms of COVID can be detected using saliva tests.

This swab test is overseen by our in-house registered nurse and claims consultant Venetia Lawrence. We can also offer consulting and advising on best practice COVID safe crew changes and infection control measures. Keeping your crew safe and giving you peace of mind.

COVID PCR tests (in and around the London area) are guaranteed to give results within 24 hours. Fly your crew in and have them tested by a registered nurse before they join the ship.

Nationwide COVID PCR results guaranteed within 72 hrs (results usually return in 48 hr) We offer video consultation, supporting your crew members to self-administer the test.

To arrange your crew COVID test today, or to find out more, please email our consultant.

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Stowaway Update

Within the last 12 months our team has noticed a changing trend of Stowaway activity around Europe, involving various nationalities including large numbers of Albanian nationals.

Following the closure of several Refugee Camps in Northern France a large number of immigrants have dispersed into nearby countries such as Belgium, The Netherlands and in particular areas of Northern Spain.

Through our continued liaison with P&I Correspondent networks around Europe it has become evident that people traffickers are actively operating close to the ports of Pasajes, Santander and La Corunna.

Due to Covid19 restrictions and reduced sailings there has been a shift away from Ferry operators being targeted, to commercial vessels both container and general cargo types.

In response to ongoing security related issues Spanish authorities have reacted by erecting a large wall around a vehicle waiting area outside of the Port of Bilbao, however other ports are evidently struggling with security. The location of the mentioned ports tends to be in close proximity to medium sized towns which only adds to security issues.

Recent cases here in the United Kingdom have involved Stowaways arriving at ports such as London Tilbury, Liverpool, Southampton, Plymouth, Immingham and Hull on a repeated basis.

The UKBF (Border Force) will normally attend subject to regional Covid19 restrictions, to complete arrival formalities. It is extremely important that Stowaways are where possible held in secure accommodation on board, searched if safe to do so and some basic personal information collected including evidence of nationality, Passports and National Id cards etc. Shipowners should be made aware that under section 40 of the UK Immigration & Asylum Act 1999 penalties of £2000.00 per Stowaway are now regularly being imposed. These fines can be appealed within a 30-day period, however in recent months the UKBF have taken a much tougher stance in these cases.

Cases being dealt with are not limited to Albanian nationals; thus, shipowners should be aware that a general increase of Stowaways originating from the Middle East and West Africa has also been noticed.

Based on intelligence continuously gathered from around Europe, and directly from Stowaways being repatriated to their home countries by Air or Sea, it is essential that members vessels / crews remain on alert and maintain ISPS anti-Stowaway measures, including constant access control on the gangway, the use of lighting at night and conducting regular Stowaway searches. The use of external security resources should be utilised at high risk ports.

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