Loss prevention and
risk management

surveys and consultancy

Van Ameyde Marine | The Netherlands

Van Ameyde Marine | Belgium

Our loss prevention and risk management consultancy activities are geared to the safe overseas transport of cargoes. Our services include:

Lashing & securing surveys for project cargo
from monitoring safe handling of cargo units to advice on stowage, lashing & securing

When involved in stowage, lashing and securing heavy cargo units, we monitor the safe handling and loading of cargo units, advise on proper stowage and verify proper lashing & securing.

We focus on:

  • load spreading / maximum permissible loads on a ship’s tanktop or hatch cover panels
  • required number of lashings to prevent transverse and longitudinal sliding / tipping
  • type and quantity of lashing materials to be used
  • correct appliance of lashing materials

Our approach to lashing & securing includes:

  • a preliminary meeting with the parties involved and inspection of the cargo to determine potential difficulties related to stowage and securing
  • drafting a stowage, lashing and securing plan, to be submitted to the ship’s staff and the lashing company
  • attending the loading of the cargo and verifying that loading is performed in accordance with the lifting plan (use of correct lifting gear, hooks, wires etc.)
  • preparing dunnage and supervising the proper stowage of the cargo unit
  • supervising lashing & securing activities and advising on the position of lashing eyes, welds and application of lashing materials
  • issuance of our lashing certificate (‘sail away certificate’) and/or a detailed report of the survey, including photographs and calculations
Condition surveys
P&I condition, pre-purchase and pre-loading surveys
  • P&I condition surveys, conducted on behalf of P&I Clubs, helps to establish the physical condition of the vessel and the effectiveness of on-board management.
  • Pre-purchase surveys are conducted on behalf of potential buyers, in order to establish the condition of the ship’s structure, systems, installations, accommodation, etc.
  • Pre-loading surveys concern the condition of the cargo prior to loading on board of the vessel. Our surveyors advise the Master on remarks to be inserted in the relevant cargo documents. We often conduct pre-loading surveys on steel coils and other steel cargoes.
Risk assessment
from tank / hold inspections to ultrasonic testing of hatch cover panels

To avoid or limit risks, we conduct risk assessments in the areas of:

  • cargo tanks and cargo holds, to determine suitability for carrying of specific types of cargoes
  • the safety of bulk commodities for overseas transports (i.e. the risk of the cargo liquefying during the voyage, thus adversely affecting the ship’s stability)
  • ultrasonic testing of weather deck hatch cover panels (to verify the weathertight integrity) & advice on necessary remedial measures in case of defects
Marine warranty services
third-party technical review and approval of high value and/or high risk marine construction and transportation project operations

To avoid or limit risks, we conduct warranty surveys in the areas of:

  • Marine transport of large structures
  • (Offshore) energy market
  • Offshore renewable projects
  • Towage

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