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We have over 60 years of experience with handling claims and protecting the interests of shipowners, charterers, P&I Clubs and Correspondents as well as insurance brokers. Van Ameyde’s loss adjusters and surveyors handle a wide range of losses, claims and disputes, which include, but are not limited to:

Marine cargo
from liquid and dry bulk, to refrigerated and general cargo

Each type of cargo requires specific handling. At Van Ameyde Marine, we expertly survey any type of cargo, from liquid and dry bulk cargoes to refrigerated and general cargoes.

Liquid cargoes

When dealing with liquid cargoes, for instance, it is of paramount importance that cargo samples should be taken from the various stages in the transport chain. These samples are submitted to laboratory tests, in strict accordance with the test methods as laid down in contract specifications. Such tests provide insight into the nature, extent and cause of (alleged) damage. Suffice to say that tanker surveys are not limited to testing samples. Activities include limiting damage by e.g. blending, reconditioning or selling through alternative trading routes. Van Ameyde is proud to be the business partner of the world’s leading tanker operators.

Dry bulk

The range of dry bulk cargoes is endless. Coal, ore, concentrates, grain, fertilizer, cement, salt, fly ash, woodchips: to name but a few. Water and heat damage are often the cause of damage. One of the first steps is to separate and discharge undamaged cargo to mitigate the loss. In addition, during these actions, further harming the quality of the damaged cargo must be prevented. Van Ameyde Marine’s dedicated surveyors assess the cause of the (alleged) damage, e.g. by testing the weather tightness of hatch covers or the water-tight integrity of water ballast tanks.

Refrigerated cargoes

Most fruits and vegetables are transported using refrigerated containers. When surveying losses to such cargoes, in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of fruits and vegetables as well as the technical expertise in the working of today’s high-tech refrigerated containers is vital. An important question to be answered is whether the damage originated during transport, or as a result of the circumstances at the orchard. 

General cargo

Although many goods are carried in containers, there is still a large, global trade in general and project cargoes, such as:

  • machinery and other project cargo
  • steel cargo
  • cases
  • bagged goods
  • bundles of aluminium ingots/billets
  • bundles of nickel cathodes
  • etc.

Each commodity has specific properties and causes of damage range from pre-shipment causes, handling and shifting to water and contamination. It takes the experience and expertise of Van Ameyde Marine’s surveyors to deal with all these types of damage.

Hull & machinery | Loss of Hire
damage to fixed and floacting objects, salvage and wreck removals

Collisions with other ships, quays, jetties etc. result in substantial liability claims against shipowners and their P&I Clubs. We investigate the cause and extent of the damage, prepare repair specifications, apply for, assess and negotiate bids and act as the Owner’s representative throughout the repairs.

Loss of Hire, i.e. the loss of income due to damage to hull and/or machinery, is also part of our services. In addition, we are experienced in salvage and wreck removals on behalf of P&I Clubs and the authorities.

Collision & grounding
investigating the cause and circumstances

Collecting data to establish to cause and circumstances includes, but is not limited to:

  • interviewing the Master and Officers involved
  • downloading the ship’s Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) information
  • obtaining VHF communications and Radar data which might have been recorded by a Port’s Traffic Control Centre
  • Pilot statements
  • Police reports
  • etc.


Freight, demurrage and defence (FD&D)
claims and disputes outside the scope of P&I and H&M

Our surveyors are specialised in preparing your defence, in case of claims and disputes related to:

  • stevedore damage (damage to a vessel caused by stevedores during cargo operations)
  • safe port/berth (exposure to danger which cannot be avoided by good navigation and seamanship)
  • vessel performance

Vessel performance warranty claims are particularly difficult to analyse as the vessel’s speed and fuel consumption are affected by e.g.:

  • currents
  • wind directions
  • fog
  • fouled bottoms
  • mechanical failures
  • lack of maintenance
  • cargo heating
  • low quality bunkers

Reviewing ship’s logs, log abstracts and various records, in addition to performing visual inspections of machinery and hull condition are included in our surveyor’s assessment.

Operational surveys
from on/off hire, tank/hold, draught and (un)sealing surveys to bunker inspections

To avoid or minimise risks related to cargo handling, transport and ship’s management, interested parties such as shipowners, charterers, cargo interests and operators rely on Van Ameyde Marine’s operational surveys, which include:

  • on/off hire surveys
  • bunker surveys
  • draught surveys
  • (un)sealing surveys
  • tank / hold inspections

Within the scope of on/off hire surveys, we inspect the vessel’s certificates and all parts of the ship used by charterers, including hatches, main deck, cargo holds and loading gear. In addition, ultrasonic tests assess the weather tightness of hatch cover panels. Van Ameyde Marine owns certified ultrasonic equipment and employs certified operators.
Draught surveys are a means to assess the weight of the cargo loaded or discharged from a vessel. The difference in displacement (assessed in accordance with international guidelines) before and after loading or discharging is corrected with the consumables used or bunkers taken during loading or discharge. The result represents the weight of the cargo, which is compared with shore and Bill of Lading figures.
Sealing and unsealing warrants that cargo holds have not been opened between the times and dates of sealing and unsealing. Our surveyors use our own uniquely numbered seals and issue sealing certificates.

Bunker disputes
managing quality and quantity disputes

The price of marine fuel oils are rising, yet compliance with quality and quantity requirements increasingly gives rise to disputes. Quantity disputes involves assessing the quantity of bunkers on board the delivering and receiving vessels – before and after bunkering. It should be noted that the vessel’s Chief Engineer is often not familiar with the sounding tables of bunker barges (Dutch language), the manner of sounding and un-pumpables in the tanks, which may result in quantity disputes after completion of bunkering.

Quality disputes require in-depth knowledge with respect to, e.g.:

  • sampling
  • analyses
  • product specifications
  • fuel treatment
  • bunkering procedures

Our surveyors provide the specialised assistance needed to manage such disputes.

Environmental damage
oil pollution: mitigation and cleaning operations

In case of oil spills we take immediate action to limit the pollution by stopping the spill and initiating cleaning operations. Working in close cooperation with the ship’s staff, port authorities, agents and cleaning companies, we monitor the progress and quality of the work, while securing the cost effectiveness of the operations. In addition, we investigate the cause of the pollution.

Personal injury
integrity and respect

Personal injuries sustained by crew members or stevedores have a huge impact on the victims, their colleagues and their families and friends. Van Ameyde Marine – through their colleagues at Van Ameyde Benelux – has dedicated personal injury loss adjusters who deal with such cases with integrity, empathy and respect.

Car inspections
quality inspections of new and used cars as well as heavy vehicles

Our car inspectors in Europe’s largest automotive hub Zeebrugge conduct inspections on behalf of:

  • logistics providers
  • car manufacturers
  • terminal operators
  • shipping companies

Our inspectors offer a wide range of services in:

  • joint or unilateral delivery inspections (FPR)
  • discharge surveys
  • terminal surveys & consultancy
  • loss prevention surveys in the transport and logistic chain

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