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Van Ameyde Krogius Celebrates 150 Years

Krogius is one of the oldest maritime transport companies in Finland. Lars Krogius left his civil service studies in 1850 to embark on a career at sea. As a young sailor his life was full of adventure and he eventually he became captain, got married and his first...

Bunker Survey Advice for Surveyors

We were instructed to perform an End of Charter Bunker and Condition Survey (Off Hire Bunker Survey). Upon the surveyor’s arrival at the vessel, the Chief Engineer verbally informed the surveyor not to check the Fuel Oil Settling or Service tanks as they were empty,...

Block loadout surveys

Since the 1940s shipbuilding practice has undergone massive changes, adopting new technologies. These days, most ships are constructed from prefabricated units. These are assembled into blocks, which need to be transported to the shipyard to be assembled. Loading and...

Stability and Compatibility of VLSFOs

In 2020, the first year of the enforcement of the Global Sulphur Cap, Van Ameyde Marine dealt with over sixty quality disputes related to Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO). Stability and compatibility issues represented over 50% of the cases investigated last year....

ISGOTT 6 – What’s New?

The sixth edition of ISGOTT – the International Safety Guide for Tankers and Terminals – has been published and is being implemented. There will be a grace period for the transition from ISGOTT 5. This means ISGOTT-6 is not yet mandatory in tanker vetting inspections....