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The Future of AI in Marine Cargo Survey Businesses

Over the summer Van Ameyde McAuslands Managing Director, Jeff Wilson, spoke at the Annual Conference of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors on the subject of artificial intelligence and the potential impacts that AI may have on the future and shape on...

Death Repatriation Case Review No.3

The Crew Care Team, working on behalf of a P&I Club, was involved in a tragic case where a seafarer suffered a fatal accident while disembarking a vessel by launch and fell into the water. The seafarer was declared dead upon arrival at the local hospital. The...

Personal Injury Case Review No.2

The Crew Care Team were recently involved in a case involving a seafarer who started to feel unwell whilst at work. The seafarer was suffering from a high temperature which then developed into difficulty breathing and dehydration. The seafarer was removed from the...

Personal Injury Case Review No.1

The Crew Care Team were recently involved in a case involving a seafarer who while on shore leave, was involved in a road traffic accident sustaining serious injuries to his legs. The seafarer was taken into A&E locally and then admitted into hospital. The...

Safe Mooring Podcast

This month our surveyor, Almos Boldizsar, participated in a podcast with Alandia on Safe Mooring.  “Mooring operations are one of the most routine but dangerous tasks for those both onboard the ship and quayside. To gain insight from two different perspectives,...

What’s the Deal with Fruit

Each year, the Port of Rotterdam handles millions of tonnes of cargo, including fruit. As with other perishables, assessing the cause and extent of damage to fruit requires specialist knowledge of each and every type and variety of produce. And surveying damage is...