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Van Ameyde Marine Asia, formerly known as Seasia, joined Van Ameyde’s marine network in 2019, providing Van Ameyde with the long sought-after expert foothold in the Asian-Pacific region. Based in Singapore, Van Ameyde Marine Asia supports the transportation and marine insurance industry through a handpicked network of surveyors and claims management partners in the APAC. Founded in 1996, Van Ameyde Marine Asia is Van Ameyde’s youngest member.

The wider APAC region covers many countries with major ports. From Japan to Australia and New Zealand; throughout China to the United Arab Emirates, Oman and even South Africa: Van Ameyde Marine Asia can mobilise its specialists for immediate response and regional intervention through its 20+ partner network.

Immediate response, 24/7

Beyond the technical consultancy and surveying services covered on this website, the Van Ameyde Marine Asia team is particularly well placed to support clients with Claims Handling and Outsourcing solutions. Van Ameyde Marine Asia also acts as P&I Correspondents, representing P&I Clubs and their members throughout the region. Van Ameyde Marine Asia offers a truly unique network, securing expert services 24/7, wherever, whenever.


Foundation of Seasia


Joined Van Ameyde’s marine network

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