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Our History

Founded in 1872, Krogius boasts a legacy that spans over a century in the maritime and transport industry. Today, it stands as the premier marine surveying entity in northern Europe. Its extensive presence is evident through a series of offices dotting the Nordics, Baltics, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. A pivotal alliance in motor claims management was forged in 2009, culminating in Krogius integrating into the Van Ameyde network by 2015. This partnership bolstered both marine surveying and motor claims management networks.

Since 1893, Krogius has held the esteemed title of Lloyd’s Agent in Helsinki, marking its 125th milestone in 2018. Over time, this accolade extended to regions including Copenhagen in Denmark, as well as Estonia and Lithuania.

Numerous P&I Clubs have recognized Krogius as their official correspondents. For decades, Krogius has catered to these clubs and their members within the ever-shifting liability landscape. Furthermore, as an active member of EPIC (European P&I Correspondent Companies), Krogius collaborates to deliver top-tier services.

Independence, objectivity & unrivalled service

Today, Van Ameyde Krogius is the leading marine surveying and consulting firm in this massive region.

Acting on behalf of insurers, brokers, freight forwarders, shippers and the marine industry at large, independence, objectivity and unrivalled service levels are Krogius’ unique traits.